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Did Horemheb Kill King Tut?

Investigating the possible Murder of Tutankhamun
Background information about the possible murder of Tutankhamun and a prime suspect - Horemheb. In 1968 and 1978 x-ray examinations of the mummy of Tutankhamun revealed that the mummy of King Tut had a mysterious dense spot on the lower back of the skull. This lead to speculation that the young King Tut had been killed, or murdered, by a blow on his head. But did Did Horemheb Kill King Tut??

Did General Horemheb Kill King Tut? - The Suspect Horemheb
General Horemheb who was the commander of the armed forces during the reign of King Tut, has been put forward as a prime suspect in the possible murder of King Tut.

But who was Horemheb and what relationship did she/he have with the Pharaoh Tutankhamun?

  • His Position: General Horemheb was rose to prominence as a soldier and statesman during the reigns of Akhenaten and Tutankhamun. Due to his considerable experience and powerful position Horemheb was also designated as the Boy King's "Deputy" and was the officially recognised as heir to Tutankhamun

  • Chief Wife: His chief wife and consort was Queen Mutnedjmet, a daughter of Ay
  • He became Pharaoh immediately after the death of Ay who had usurped the throne
  • He reigned between 1321 BC -1292 BC
  • Pharaoh Horemheb restored the old religion from monotheism (the worship of one god) which had been favored during the reigns of Arkhenaten, Tutankhamun and Ay to the old  polytheistic religion, with many gods

Did Horemheb Kill King Tut? - Did Horemheb have the Opportunity?
As the General of the Egyptian army and the "Deputy" and heir to Tutankhamun Horemheb would have had close contact with Tutankhamun. They would have probably had time alone together. Horemheb would have had the opportunity to kill King Tut, had he wanted.

Did Horemheb Kill King Tut? - Did Horemheb have a Motive?
Horemheb had a number of motives for wanting the death of Tutankhamun.

  • Politics - he was a leading figure in the politics and used being in the position of considerable power. He would have been increasingly disturbed by the radical changes that had taken place during the reign of Akhenaten and the use of the military to enforce these changes. He would have seen Tutankhamun being torn between the influences of Ay and the new changes, and the old ways which he, Horemheb favored. He could have believed that as Tutankhamun became older he would have gained power and reverted to the changes initiated by his father, Arkhenaten

  • Religion - Horemheb had been a major leader of the opposition against the religious revolution which radically changed Ancient Egypt from a polytheistic religion, with many gods, to monotheism (the worship of one god). Once again he could have believed that as Tutankhamun became older he would have gained power and wholly reverted Egypt to the sole worship of the Aten

  • Hatred - Horemheb had the names of Akhenaten, Nefertiti, Ay and to a lesser extent Tutankhamun publicly condemned and removed from Ancient Egyptian records and history. Their names were struck from royal lists and their tombs and monuments were usurped 

Did Horemheb Kill King Tut?
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