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Did an Amun Priest Kill King Tut?

Investigating the possible Murder of Tutankhamun
Background information about the possible murder of Tutankhamun and a prime suspect - Amun Priest. In 1968 and 1978 x-ray examinations of the mummy of Tutankhamun revealed that the mummy of King Tut had a mysterious dense spot on the lower back of the skull. This lead to speculation that the young King Tut had been killed, or murdered, by a blow on his head. But did Did an Amun Priest Kill King Tut??

Did an Amun High Priest Kill King Tut? - The Suspect an Amun High Priest
An Amun Priest has been put forward as a prime suspect in the possible murder of King Tut. But why would a priest of the god Amun want to murder the young Pharaoh Tutankhamun?

Did an Amun High Priest Kill King Tut? - Did an Amun High Priest have the Opportunity?
Our Western view of a priest is of a man dedicated to a religious life of prayer and ceremony. However in Ancient Egypt the role of a priest was very different. A pharaoh was seen as a living god. The priests were therefore tasked with both worshipping and advising the pharaoh, a living deity.

A High Priest of Amun would have therefore been a powerful figure and served as a close political advisor to the pharaoh. An Amun High Priest would have had the opportunity of close contact with Tutankhamun and therefore the opportunity to commit murder.

Did an Amun High Priest Kill King Tut? - Did an Amun High Priest have a Motive?
Why would a High Priest of Amun want to kill King Tut?

  • The religious revolution which radically changed Ancient Egypt from a polytheistic religion, with many gods, to monotheism (the worship of one god) took place in the reign of Arkhenaten, the father of Tutankhamun. Akhenaten had declared that all the old gods should be abandoned and replaced by a sole god - the Aten. The priests of the god Amun lost their position of power and wealth with the introduction of the new religion, which was seen as heresy

  • Akhenaten ordered that all images of all other gods were ordered to be destroyed. The role of the priest in the new religion disappeared as only the Pharaoh was allowed to directly worship the Aten

  • Money which had traditionally gone to the priests now went to the state

  • After the death of his father the young King Tutankhamun had been put under pressure to return to the old religion. He had been forced to make compromises. During his reign he was forced to leave the new city of Armana built to celebrate Aten and move back to Thebes, the central location of the priests of Amun and the Temple at Karnak. A High Priest of Amun might have feared that the influence over the new King regarding the old religion would wane and be completely lost if Tutankhamun continued to rule as an adult

Did an Amun Priest Kill King Tut?
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