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Life of King Tut


The section covering the Life of King Tut - Tutankhamun provides the History, Facts and Information about the boy Pharaoh King Tut including:

  • When Tutankhamun was born - his original name was Tutankhaten which he changed to Tutankhamun
  • The Life and Biography and Timeline of Tutankhamun
  • His kingdom, reign and his rule - his accomplishments and achievements
  • History and Timeline of Tutankhamun
  • The death of the pharaoh when and how he might have died
  • The Family of King Tut including information about his father - The heretic Pharaoh Akhenaten, his step mother Nefertiti, his successor Ay and his wife Ankhesenpaaten
  • The mysteries concerning the deaths of his close family members
  • The Wife of Tutankhamun - Ankhesenpaaten (aka Ankhesanamum)
  • Tutankhamun Timeline


Information and Facts about the Life of King Tut

King Tut Biography
Tutankhamun Timeline
Life of Tutankhamun
Education of King Tut
Reign of King Tut
Family of King Tut
Ankhesenpaaten - Wife of King Tut
Facts about King Tut

The Life of King Tut - Tutankhamun
This section describes the everyday life of King Tut. What was his childhood like in Amarna? His Life at the royal court and the culture of the Ancient Egyptians who lived in Amarna. What did he eat and drink? Life in his home, the royal palace. What were his clothes like, his make up and his hairstyle?

Life of King Tut - Biography
The biography of King Tut covers famous life events and the people who were important to the pharaoh such as his family and his Advisors. Facts and History about his background and his Early Life. The power behind the throne and facts and history about the move from Amarna to Thebes.

Tutankhamun Timeline
The life of King Tut described in a timeline format. Interesting Information via the Tutankhamun Timeline - Life, History and Chronology at a glance with a Timeline, Chronology of his Life, Key Names, Key Dates, Key People and Key People are all included in the Tutankhamun Timeline. A useful timeline database of life history via this Tutankhamun Timeline containing interesting life chronology of facts, dates & information.

Life of King Tut - Education of Tutankhamun
This section focuses on the life of King Tut concerning his education. The Teachers and the Books of Instruction and how these were used in his education. The Lessons which would have been taught at the  Princes School. His Education at the Princes School and the art of writing and hieroglyphics. The Sports and Games enjoyed during the Education of King Tut.

The Reign of Tutankhamun
The Reign of Tutankhamun  and how this was affected by his background. His Early Childhood at Amarna and the abdication of his father Akhenaten. When the his reign started and his marriage to Ankhesenpaaten. The time in his reign when he  changes his name from Tutankhaten to Tutankhamun. The reign during his Teenage Years and the deaths of his children.

The Family of Tutankhamun
The fabulous family of King Tut and the chaotic consequences of some of their reigns. The practise of incest in the royal Egyptian families. The Mysteries surrounding the deaths of the family of King Tut including his father, Akhenaten, his step-mother Nefertiti and his wife, Ankhesenpaaten.

Life of King Tut - Ankhesenpaaten, the Wife of Tutankhamun
Why Ankhesenpaaten is remembered and famous facts and events in her life. Key facts, dates and events in the life and biography of Ankhesenpaaten (Ankhesenamun) including her letter to the king of the Hittites, her marriage to her grandfather Ay and her mysterious death.

Life of King Tut - Facts about Tutankhamun
Fast and Interesting facts about the history of Tutankhamun with Key Dates and Events. Facts, Information, and important dates.

Life of King Tut
Each section addresses all topics and provides interesting facts and information about the Golden Age of Pharaohs and of Egypt. The Sitemap provides full details of all of the information and facts provided about the fascinating subject of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun!

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