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King Tut Exhibition Info & Facts

The fabulous treasures from the Tomb of King Tut are coming to the UK. The Tutankhamun London Exhibition is planned to start on 15 November 2007 at the O2 (once called the Millennium Dome) in Greenwich in South London. Check out the following details and information supplying fast King Tut Exhibition Info & Facts

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King Tut Exhibition Info & Facts

Location of Exhibition
 The O2 (the Millennium Dome) in Greenwich, South London
Nearest Tube
 Greenwich tube stop on the Jubilee Line
Start Date of Exhibition
 15 November 2007

End Date of Exhibition
 30 August 2008
 Tickets go on sale for the exhibition during September 2007
Name of the Exhibition
 'Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs'
 No photography cameras allowed
 Guests can expect to spend approx 60 - 90 minutes at the O2
Time Limit
 No time limit guests may stay as long as they like in opening hours
Food & Drink
 No food or drinks are allowed inside the exhibition
 The O2 has dining and refreshment options
Total Artefacts displayed
 130 Ancient Egyptian Artefacts in total
70 objects from the tombs of the ancestors of King Tut
50 objects which were taken directly from the tomb of King Tut
What will NOT be displayed
 The Golden Death Mask of Tutankhamun
The solid gold coffin of King Tut
The mummy of King Tut
New Artefacts
 Only 7 of the Ancient Egyptian Artefacts  are repeat items from the 1972 event
Exhibition Rooms / Galleries
 There are eleven themed galleries:
  • Ancient Egypt before Tutankhamun
  • Traditional Beliefs
  • Death, Burial and the Afterlife
  • Religious Revolution
  • The Boy King
  • Tutankhamun, King of Egypt
  • Causing His Name to Live
  • The Science of Tutankhamun
  • The Tomb
  • Howard Carter Gallery
  • Daily Life in Tutankhamun's World
Nearby Attractions
 Cleopatra’s Needle and British Museum
O2 - Customer Services & Public Enquiries

Tel: +44 (0)20 8463 2000

Email: customerservices@theo2.co.uk

King Tut Exhibition Info & Facts
Each section of the King Tut website addresses all topics and provides interesting facts and information about the Golden Age of Pharaohs and of Egypt London Exhibition. The Sitemap provides full details of all of the information and facts provided about the fascinating subject of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun and the King Tut Exhibition Info & Facts!

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