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Tombs in the Valley of the Kings

Up to 2007, a total of 63 Tombs have been discovered in the Valley of the Kings. The tombs in the Valley of the Kings belonging to the Pharaohs, leading dignitaries and even animals.

List the tombs in Valley of the Kings
The list of tombs in the Valley of the Kings are detailed in the following table together with the name of the Egyptologists who were instrumental in the excavation of the tombs in the Valley of the Kings.

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KV1 The tomb of Ramses VII (Edwin Brock)
KV2 The tomb of Ramses IV (Edward Ayrton)
KV3 The tomb of an unnamed son of Ramses III
KV4 The tomb of Ramses XI (John Romer)
KV5 The tomb of some of the sons of Ramses II
KV6 The tomb of Ramses IX
KV7 The tomb of Ramses II aka Ramses the Great (Henry Salt)
KV8 The tomb of Merenptah
KV9 The tomb of Ramses V and Ramses VI (Georges Daressy)

KV10 The tomb of Amenmesse (Edward Ayrton)
KV11 The tomb of Ramses III
KV12 Name of occupant unknown
KV13 The tomb of Bay and later Amenherkhepshef and Mentuherkhepshef
KV14 The tomb of Twosret, later reused by Setnakhte
KV15 The tomb of Seti II (Howard Carter)
KV16 The tomb of Ramses I (Giovanni Belzoni)
KV17 The tomb of Seti I aka Belzoni's tomb (Giovanni Belzoni)
KV18 The tomb of Ramses X (Howard Carter)
KV19 The tomb of Mentuherkhepshef
KV20 The tomb of Hatshepsut and Thutmose I (Howard Carter)
KV30 Known as Lord Belmore's tomb. Name of occupant unknown
KV32 The tomb of Tia'a (Victor Loret)
KV34 The tomb of Thutmose III (Victor Loret)
KV35 Originally the tomb of Amenhotep II but then shared by several other mummies (Victor Loret)
KV36 The tomb of the noble Maiherpri
KV38 The tomb of Thutmose I (Victor Loret)
KV39 Possibly the tomb of Amenhotep I (Victor Loret)
KV41 Name of occupant unknown but may have been Queen Tetisheri
KV42 The tomb of Hatshepsut-Meryetre, the wife of Thutmose III
KV43 The tomb of Thutmose IV (Howard Carter)
KV45 The tomb of the noble Userhet.
KV46 The tomb of the nobles Yuya and Tjuyu, believed to be the parents of Queen Tiy
KV47 The tomb of Siptah (Edward Ayrton)
KV48 The tomb of the noble Amenemopet
KV49 Name of occupant unknown
KV50/KV51/KV52 Animal Tombs - These tombs contain animal burials (Edward Ayrton)
KV54 Believed to be an embalming cache for the tomb of Tutankhamun
KV55 The tomb  of Tiye and Akhenaten (Edward Ayrton)
KV56 The Gold Tomb - Name of occupant unknown
KV57 The tomb of Horemheb (Edward Ayrton)
KV58 The Chariot Tomb - Name of occupant unknown
KV60 The tomb of Sitre In
KV61 This tomb appears to have been unused
KV62 The Tomb of King Tutankhamun (Howard Carter)

Numeration used for Theban tombs and the Tombs in the Valley of the Kings
John Gardiner Wilkinson (17971875)  assigned the numeration system for the Egyptian tombs found in the Valley of the Kings. All tombs are assigned a number and the legends KV, QV, WV & TT  indicate their location as follows:

  • KV (e.g. KV no.35) refers to the King Valley
  • QV (e.g. QV no.66) refers to the tomb of Nerfertari in the Queen Valley
  • WV (e.g. WV no.23) refers to the tomb of the Pharaoh Ay in the Western Valley
  • TT (e.g. TT no.55) refers to the tomb of Ramose designated to the category of Theban Tomb
    • There are at least 415 catalogued tombs, designated TT for Theban Tomb which are burial places of nobles and important court officials

Tombs in the Valley of the Kings
Each section of the Tombs in the Valley of the Kings addresses all topics and provides interesting facts and information about the Golden Age of Pharaohs and of Egypt. The Sitemap provides full details of all of the information and facts provided about the fascinating subject of the Pharaoh - Tutankhamun and the Tombs in the Valley of the Kings!

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