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Thutmose IV

Short Biography, Information & Facts about Thutmose IV, the famous pharaoh and king of Egypt

Biography, Facts and information about the life of a Pharaoh
The term pharaoh was the title of an ancient Egyptian king who was considered to be a living god and worshipped as a deity. The pharaoh was an absolute ruler of Egypt, both the political and religious leader. 

Short Biography of the life of Thutmose IV
The history, facts and information about Thutmose IV, a famous pharaoh of Ancient Egypt.

The following biography information provides basic facts about the life Thutmose IV:

  • Thutmose IV was also known as Thutmosis or Tuthmosis
  • Meaning of the name: "Thoth is Born"
  • Egyptian Period / Kingdom: New Kingdom
  • Dynasty: Thutmose IV ruled in the Eighteenth Egyptian Dynasty
  • Name of Previous Pharaoh: Amenhotep II 1425 BC -1399 BC (aka Amenophis)
  • Years of Reign: 1399 BC - 1389 BC
  • Succeeded by: Amenhotep III (aka Amenophis) 1389 BC -1351 BC

  • Family
    • Father: His father was Amenhotep II
    • Mother: His mother was Tia'a
    • Chief Wife: His chief wife and consort was Nefertari. Other wives were Iaret and Mutemwiya
    • Children:  Amenhotep III, Amenemhat, Tia'a, Amenemopet, Petepihu and Tentamun
  • Year of Death: 1389 BC
  • Location of the Burial Site: Valley of the Kings
  • Tomb reference number: KV43
  • Name of Egyptologist who discovered the burial site, or tomb, of Thutmose IV: Howard Carter (1874 - 1939)
  • Biography and accomplishments: There is some mystery regarding the ascendancy of Thutmose IV to the throne of Egypt. His brother Amenhotep was referred to as the 'King’s son, Executive' (the Title borne by the Crown Prince) but Thutmose took the throne. Did he need to confirm his right to the throne. Was the 'Dream Stele' a brilliant piece of propaganda by Thutmose to legitimize his claim to the throne of Egypt?
  • Why Thutmose IV was famous: The restoration of the Sphinx at Giza. Pharaoh Thutmose IV had a 15 ton granite stele known as the Dream Stele placed between the paws (a stele was a stone slab, decorated with text which served as a monument.
  • The Story of the Dream Stele according to the account by Thutmose IV on the Great Sphinx:
    The young prince was out on a hunting trip when he stopped to rest under the head of the Sphinx and fell asleep. He had a vivid dream in which the sun god, embodied in the Sphinx, told him that if he cleared away the sand and restored the monument he would become the next Pharaoh. When the restoration of the Sphinx was completed Thutmose placed a carved stone tablet (the Dream Stele) between the paws of the Sphinx.

Thutmose IV
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