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Ramses V


Short Biography, Information & Facts about Ramses V, the famous pharaoh and king of Egypt

Biography, Facts and information about the life of a Pharaoh
The term pharaoh was the title of an ancient Egyptian king who was considered to be a living god and worshipped as a deity. The pharaoh was an absolute ruler of Egypt, both the political and religious leader. 

Short Biography of the life of Ramses V
The history, facts and information about Ramses V, a famous pharaoh of Ancient Egypt.

The following biography information provides basic facts about the life Ramses V:

  • Ramses V was also known as Rameses and Ramesses which are alternative spellings of the name
  • Egyptian Period / Kingdom: New Kingdom
  • Dynasty: Ramses V ruled in the Twentieth Egyptian Dynasty
  • Name of Previous Pharaoh: Ramses IV
  • Years of Reign: 1145 BC 1141 BC

  • Succeeded by: Ramses VI
  • Family
    • Father: His father was Ramses
    • Mother: His mother was Queen Ta-Opet
    • Chief Wife: His chief wife and consort was Tahenutwati and his other main wife was Taweretenro
  • Year of Death: 1141 BC - he died of Smallpox
  • Location of the Burial Site: Valley of the Kings
  • Tomb reference number: KV9
  • Name of Egyptologist who discovered the burial site, or tomb, of Ramses V: Georges Daressy (1864 - 1934) in 1888
  • Biography and accomplishments or why Ramses V was famous: During his reign the power of the Pharaoh continued to decrease with the increase in the power of the wealthy priesthood of Amun which controlled the temple land, food supplies and state finances. The country, especially Thebes, was subject to attacks from Syrian raiders and these seriously affected the security of tombs and the tomb builders. The raiders "burnt people", a frightening and terrible death for the Ancient Egyptians as this prevented them entering the Afterlife.

Ramses V
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