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Short Biography, Information & Facts about Djoser, the famous pharaoh and king of Egypt

Biography, Facts and information about the life of a Pharaoh
The term pharaoh was the title of an ancient Egyptian king who was considered to be a living god and worshipped as a deity. The pharaoh was an absolute ruler of Egypt, both the political and religious leader. 

Short Biography of the life of Djoser
The history, facts and information about Djoser, a famous pharaoh of Ancient Egypt.

The following biography information provides basic facts about the life Djoser:

  • Djoser was also known as Netjerikhet, meaning body of the gods
  • Alternative spellings of the name: Zoser & Dzoser
  • Egyptian Period / Kingdom: Old Kingdom
  • Dynasty: Djoser ruled in the Third Egyptian Dynasty
  • Name of Previous Pharaoh: Sanakhte aka Nebka - 2686 - 2668 BC

  • Years of Reign: 2668BC - 2649 BC
  • Succeeded by: Sekhemkhet - 2649 - 2643 BC
  • Family
    • Father: His father was Sanakhte
    • Mother: His mother was Nimaethap
    • Chief Wife: His chief wife and consort was Inetkawes
    • Children: Unknown
  • Year of Death: 2649 BC
  • Location of the Burial Site: Saqqara
  • Biography and accomplishments or why Djoser was famous: He was a great military commander, a warrior king who waged successful wars against the inhabitants of the Sinai Peninsula. He increased the wealth of Egypt by the mining of Turquoise and other precious gems and metals.
  • Monuments: The Step Pyramid of King Djoser at Saqqara. The man who built the Step pyramid was the vizier of Djoser called Imhotep. Imhotep achieved such a high position that he was later deified and regarded as the Son of Ptah, the Lord of all Builders. Scribes began a tradition of sprinkling a drop from their water bowl in honor of Imhotep whenever they started work. The signature of Imhotep can still be read today in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo on the base of a statue of King Djoser.
  • Facts about the Step Pyramid of King Djoser:
    • The Step pyramid has six tiers
    • It reaches a height of 60 metres
    • It measures 173m by 107m
    • The Pharaoh Djoser was buried beneath the step pyramid in a burial chamber at the bottom of a 28m shaft

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