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Ancient Egyptian Magic

Ancient Egyptian Magic
The Ancient Egyptians were surrounded by  magic. From the mysterious rituals conducted by the priest to the strange incantations of the doctors. Their preoccupation with death, the supernatural, magic charms and magic spells permeated to all levels of society. Magicians chanted spells to cure ailments and ward off danger, illness and evil spirits.  

Ancient Egyptian Magic - the Priest Magicians
The Ancient Egyptian priests were the main magicians and practitioners of magic in Egypt. The Ancient Egyptians believed that magic was closely associated with writing. Most magician priests were believed to have gained magical knowledge by studying ancient scriptures The priest magicians were surrounded in mystery. Priests were seen to be in possession of a secret knowledge which had been given to them by the gods. The death rituals and the spells known by the magician priests made them powerful.

Ancient Egyptian Magic and Spells
The Book of the Dead contained nearly 200 Magic Spells designed to help with overcoming the dangers of the underworld such as defeating fearful beasts, avoiding various traps and demons. These spells   included transformation the ability to change into different beings such as a mythical phoenix or a honed snake.

The correct magic spells would need to be recited to pass various tests to guarantee safe passage through the terrifying trials of the Underworld which led to the Hall of Two Truths where their actions in their mortal lives would be examined - the Egyptian Magic Spells were essential for the Day of Judgement. The priest magicians had the spells which could help an Ancient Egyptian to become immortal. Is it any wonder that people believed they could work magic miracles like bringing figures of animal to life and turning people into animals?

Ancient Egyptian Magic and Prophecies
The statues of the gods were believed to be a living embodiment of the god. The familiar 'sitting position' of many of the great statues was believed to allow the living soul (the Ba) to stand erect and "go out into the day." The statues were usually housed in the temples but on great occasions and festivals the statues were paraded in front of the people. The people then sought magical prophecies regarding their lives - The questions were put in such a way that they only required a 'yes' or 'no' answer. If the divine spirit of the statue moved the bearers forward the answer was 'yes'.

Ancient Egyptian Magic
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