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Egyptian Mummies

Ancient Egyptian Mummies

Ancient Egyptian Mummies - a fascinating and mysterious subject. Why did the Ancients create so many  Egyptian Mummies. What was the gory embalming process? Why did the embalmers of the Ancient  mummies also have the role of priests?

The whole subject of Egyptian Mummies, the religion of Ancient Egypt, the Death Rituals, the infamous Book of the Dead with its magical spells are all covered in this section. Mummies and mummification, the jackal headed Anubis and the practise of storing the organs of the Egyptian mummies in the Canopic jars.

Find out facts and information about the significance of the scarab beetle, the sarcophagus, the masks used in the religious ceremonies and rituals. Facts and information about the terrifying journey into the dark Underworld of death and what the Egyptian Ka and Ba was all about! How did the Ancient Egyptians reach the Afterlife - paradise?

All of these subjects are closely associated with the rituals surrounding the Ancient embalmers of Egypt and the mummification process creating the famous Egyptian mummies which we can still see today.

The history, facts and information about the rituals and the beliefs surrounding the ancient Mummies are fully detailed from the following links:

Egyptian Afterlife
Ancient Egyptian Religion
Egyptian Book of the Dead
Egyptian Ka
Egyptian Scarab Beetle
Death Rituals
Egyptian Masks
Ancient Egyptian Embalmers
Embalming Process
Egyptian Mummification
Canopic Jars
Egyptian Magic Spells
Ancient Egyptian Magic

The Egyptian Mummies
The history, facts and information about the Egyptian Mummies. Understanding the beliefs and the religion of the people of Ancient Egypt and the Egyptian mythology that was connected with their religion, together with information about the idyllic Afterlife and the terrifying Underworld, their spells and their magic contained in the mysterious Book of the Dead.  What was the connection between the Book of the Dead, which was derived from the Pyramid Texts, and the spells and amulets which were buried with the Ancient Egyptian mummies. The process of mummification - the embalming of ancient Mummies together with the rituals and funeral rites. Facts and information about the Mummies of Egypt:

  • Book of the Dead - the magical spells for the Underworld
  • Ancient Religion of Egypt - Beliefs
  • Mummification - the myths and the process. Why the beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians led to the process of Mummification. What was the method of creating mummies?
  • Canopic Jars - the Four Sons of Horus
  • Death Rituals
  • Egyptian Masks and their relevance to Death rituals
  • Mummys
  • Death Masks including the jackal headed Anubis
  • Afterlife - A paradise and how the soul entered the Afterlife
  • Underworld - a terrifying journey ending in the day of judgement in the Hall of Truths
  • Egyptian Ka, Ba and Ank
  • Egyptian Scarab Beetle the symbol of regeneration and creation
  • Ancient Egyptian Embalmers
  • Embalming Process
  • Sarcophagus description and use
  • Canopic Jars

Egyptian Mummies
Each section about Mummies addresses all topics and provides interesting facts and information about the Golden Age of Pharaohs and of Egypt. The Sitemap provides full details of all of the information and facts provided about the fascinating subject of the Pharaoh King Tut - Tutankhamun and other great mysteries of Egypt.

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