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The Sun God Ra

There is often confusion surrounding the name of the Egyptian Sun God Ra. As the Ancient Egyptian religion evolved and incorporated new ideas new systems subsume the old one into a more complex framework of the composite deity of the Sun God Ra. The identity of the Sun God Ra was therefore often confused with other gods as the different regional religions of Egypt were merged in an attempt to unite the country. When you add to this misinterpretations and mis-spellings of Egyptologists it results in a variant of names relating to the same god - the Sun God Ra.

Variants of the Sun God Ra - Atum, Amun & Amon
This god is universally associated with the sun, heaven, kingship, power, light and the creation of the universe. The variant of names and composite deities that result include the following:

  • Ra or Re
  • Atum or Atum-Ra or Atum-Re
  • Amun or Amun-Ra or Amun-Re
  • Amon or Amon-Ra or Amon-Re
  • Ra was also combined with Horus as Ra-Horakhte

The Sun God Ra is most closely associated with the legends and myths surrounding the Sun God Atum and his story related to the Ennead. The Ennead is the collective name given to the nine deities (Gods and Goddesses) of the cosmogony (creation myth) of Heliopolis, the birthplace of the company of the gods and where creation began.

The Egyptian the Sun God Ra - Creation and Relatives
The early Egyptian priests evolved a creation myth, or Cosmogony, to explain how some of the Gods and Goddesses came into being. The early Egyptian priests then evolved a Family tree, the relatives of the main Egyptian Gods, like Sun God Ra, to explain how some of the Gods and Goddesses were related.

The Beginning ofthe Egyptian Sun God Ra
The Sun God Ra (as Atum or Amun) was one of the Ennead, the collective name given to the nine original deities (Gods and Goddesses) of the cosmogony of Heliopolis (the birthplace of the Gods) in the creation myths and legends. The story of creation relates that the Sun God Ra (as Atum) rose in the beginning from the primeval ocean called Nun to the first, conical-shaped, mound of earth. The first rays of the sun fell on Ra marking the way to heaven by ascending the rays of the sun. No woman was ever associated with the first God and the creation myth tells that Atum-Ra created the earth , and the first God and Goddess, from his seed through masturbation.

The Benben Stone - Forerunner of the Obelisk and the Pyramid?
The original mound of earth was called the benben and the origins of the word ‘benben’ had the meaning ‘to copulate’.The mound of earth was said to be a conical shape (like an obelisk) and four-sided (like a pyramid)its representation as a phallic symbol is obvious. So what is a benben stone? The sacred benben stone was described as conical four-sided stone pillar with a pointed top. The conical-shaped stone, called the Benben stone, was worshipped in the ‘Mansion Of The Phoenix’ at Heliopolis. The ‘Mansion of the Phoenix’ was believed to be within the precinct of the Great Sun Temple of Heliopolis. The Benben Stone could have led to architectural concept of the obelisk and the pyramid. The pointed pyramid-shaped cap on an obelisk is, in fact, called a Benbenet or a pyramidion. The Pyramid and the obelisk are interesting concepts in respect of the Sun God Ra. The obelisk pointing upwards towards the sun and the pyramid as a material representation of the rays of the sun. It is easy to imagine how a Pharaoh would see the association of the pyramid and the sun and how the structure could be a means whereby the dead king could ascend to heaven.

The Egyptian Sun God Ra

  • Name: Sun God Ra
  • Gender Male: The Sun God Ra was a God
  • Depiction / Description / Symbol: The Sun God Ra was always depicted with a solar or sun disk and a scarab beetle was his symbol. He was also sometimes depicted with the head of a falcon
  • Jurisdiction: Sun God Ra was described as being God of Sun and the Universe and embodies the cycle of birth, life and death
  • Mythical Family or Relatives: See Atum

Information aboutthe Egyptian Sun God Ra
The Egyptian Sun God Ra was seen as the Lord of Creation. He rose from his centre and cult at Heliopolis to become a National deity. He embodies the cycle of birth, life and death. By day he travelled the earth in his sun boat and at night disappeared into the Underworld.

The Egyptian Sun God Ra
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