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Egyptian Gods - What is the Cosmogony?
What is the Cosmogony? Definition: The word Cosmogony derives from the Greek word "cosmo" meaning universe and the word "gony or gonos" meaning origin, birth or creation. The Egyptian cosmogony is the myth that explained the origin of the universe and man. The Egyptian Priests evolved the creation myth, or cosmogny, in an attempt to explain how some of the major Egyptian Gods and Goddesses came into being and the the nature and genesis of the universe.

The Cosmogony
The Egyptian priests needed a story or myth which centered around the main Gods and Goddesses answering the questions of where they came from and their relationship to each other. A 'family tree' of the Gods and Goddesses explained 'who was who' and what relationships they had with each other.

The Egyptian Gods and Goddesses of the Cosmogony - The Ennead
There were nine Egyptian Gods and Goddesses who were featured in the Cosmogony. The birthplace of the Gods in the cosmogony was in Heliopolis. The nine original deities of the cosmogony of Heliopolis  in the creation myths and legends of the Ancient Egyptians were referred to as the Ennead.

The Cosmogony Creation Myth
A summary of the Egyptian cosmology is as follows:

  • At first there was darkness and a primeval ocean called Nun
  • The Sun God Atum, Ra or Re, the Lord of Creation rose and spat out the elements of moisture (the Goddess Tefnut) and air (the God Shu)
  • The twins, Shu and Tefnut gave birth to the Earth God, Geb, and the Sky Goddess, Nut
  • The God and Goddess Geb and Nut had four children: Osiris, Isis, Seth and Nephthys

Egyptian Gods & Goddesses of the Cosmogony
The nine deities of the Cosmogony of Heliopolis were as therefore as follows, click any of the links for additional information about the gods:

  • Atum - Later subsumed as the Sun God Ra - the God of Life and Reproduction
  • Geb - God of Life beneath the Earth - Vegetation and the Underworld
  • Isis - Goddess of Love, Magic, Fertility and Healing
  • Nephthys - Goddess of Divine Assistance
  • Nut - Goddess of the Sky
  • Osiris - God of Death, the Underworld and Rebirth
  • Seth - God of Evil, Chaos
  • Shu - God of Wind and Air
  • Tefnut - Goddess of Rain

Each of these Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses who formed the Ennead played a major part in the creation myth, also called the Cosmogony.

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