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Ancient Egyptian Weapons

The List of Ancient Egyptians weapons is as follows:

  • Sling - The oldest of weapons dating back to antiquity. Cheap to produce and remained in use during all periods in Ancient Egypt
  • Mace - Stone mace heads replaced with iron, copper and bronze. Used as a close contact weapon and also used from horseback
  • Spear -  Consisting of a shaft, usually of wood, with a sharpened head and used as a thrusting weapon or as a missile. The spear was versatile - cheap to produce and easy to use requiring limited training
  • Battle Axes had a crescent-shaped blade and used as a close contact weapon but could also be hurled as a missile
  • Bow and Arrow - A ranged weapon which caused a projectile to leave the soldier and strike a target. Made from a strip of flexible material, such as wood, linked at the two ends with a cord, or string, to form a tension from which the arrow was propelled
  • Swords - Used for cutting and stabbing. The blades were curved and of various lengths - introduced with the development of the various metals

  • Chariot - Chariots were introduced after the Asian Hyksos armies invaded the Delta during the period of the Middle Kingdom.
    • Spears and Bows and arrows were the weapons used by the charioteers however, war chariots were used as weapons in themselves as they could terrorize and scatter an enemy force by charging them - it is believed that some war chariots had spiked and bladed wheels
  • The Hyksos also introduced bronze technology to the Ancient Egyptians
  • Scimitars and Daggers

Ancient Egyptian Weapons
The period of the New Kingdom saw the Ancient Egyptians equipped with a vast array of weapons. During this period weapons had moved from stone and wooden weapons to iron and then to bronze which was made by mixing tin and copper. The type of Ancient Egyptian weapons improved with this new metal technology. During this period the Chariot was also introduced as a combat weapon.

Ancient Egyptian Weapons - Defence
The Ancient Egyptians wore some protective covering in the form of helmets however only the Pharoah, or powerful and rich nobles, were equipped with body armor. The main form of defence were the shields which were used.

Ancient Egyptian Weapons
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