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Ancient Egyptian Jobs

What types of jobs were available to the Ancient Egyptians? It was not just building work relating to the construction of pyramids and monuments. The golden age of the Ancient Egyptians spanned over 3000 years during which the Ancient Egyptians lived in a well ordered society which was administered by people with jobs relating to the government of the country, law enforcement, judges and courts.

All classes of society paid taxes which in turn paid for the government and army - more Ancient Egyptian jobs. The jobs undertaken by Ancient Egyptian scribes revolved around work relating to the government of Egypt they were the civil servants of Ancient Egypt! The Ancient Egyptian religion also required various types of people undertaking the jobs related to to religion and running the temples. For comprehensive information about specific occupations and jobs in Ancient Egypt click the following link to Ancient Egyptians

Ancient Egyptian Jobs - The Pyramid of Power
The Ancient Egyptian Pyramid of power provides an overview of the jobs undertaken in Ancient Egypt and the status that was associated with them.

These jobs could be divided into state employment and the protection and government of the country, private employment and jobs relating to working on estates, jobs relating to the religion and the temples, the doctors, the artists, the craftsmen and finally the laborers.

The Pharaoh
The Great Royal Wife
Members of the immediate Royal Family
Army Officers
Court Officials
Priests and Priestesses, Doctors
Scribes and Teachers
Foot Soldiers
Fishermen and Farmers
Laborers, Tomb Builders

Ancient Egyptian Jobs- The Government of Egypt
The government of Ancient Egypt required a variety of jobs. The Vizier was the most important court official and equivalent to a Prime Minister. Many of these jobs were undertaken at the court, other government jobs were held throughout the country. The different types of jobs allocated to court and government officials and employees included:

  • Managing the building and construction of  the royal monuments including labor and resources
  • Architects and Engineers
  • Jobs relating to legal issues - All important legal issues were documented including wills, trials and property deeds
  • Jobs relating to controlling civil order - similar to the police of today
  • Jobs relating to managing the food supply and distribution
  • Tax Collectors and jobs relating to conducting a regular census of the population in order to collect taxes
  • Managing important industries - Fishing, Farming etc
  • Recording rainfall and water levels of the Nile which indicated the possibility of floods or famine

Ancient Egyptian Jobs - The Scribes
Many scribes held government posts throughout the country relating to the documentation of legal matters. Scribes were also responsible for jobs relating to teaching. There was also considerable money to be made by scribes who created the documents which were buried with Egyptians which included a selection of spells taken from the Book of the Dead.  Ancient Egyptian Scribe

Ancient Egyptian Jobs - The Priests / Priestesses and Astrologers
The Priests and Priestesses looked after the temples and conducted the religious ceremonies. Astrologers also had important jobs relating to religious observances and the location and position for temples and tombs.

Ancient Egyptian Jobs - The Servants
There were jobs for servants who undertook important jobs in running wealthy households and palaces such as cooks, although slaves were also used for this purpose.

Ancient Egyptian Jobs - Engineers and Architects
The vast building programs in Ancient Egypt necessitated the jobs of engineers and architects.

Ancient Egyptian Jobs - The Builders and Artists
The vast building programs in Ancient Egypt necessitated  jobs for laborers and builders. Contrary to popular opinion ordinary Egyptians undertook these roles on a conscription basis, although slaves were also used for this purpose. The condition of the labouring class was, generally speaking, a hard one. The kings were entitled to employ as many of their subjects as they pleased in forced labor. There were craftsmen who were also employed for complicated stone cutting and creating sculptures. Artists were employed to decorated the homes of wealthy Egyptians and to decorate tombs and temples.

Ancient Egyptian Jobs - The Soldiers
Commands in the army provided the opportunity for ordinary people to rise in society. The most common jobs were related to the foot soldiers but the charioteers were a respected force. Ancient Egyptian Soldier

Ancient Egyptian Jobs - The Entertainers
There were entertainers who were the dancers and acrobats who entertained wealthy Egyptians. Some dancers also had jobs relating to dancing at religious festivals.

Ancient Egyptian Jobs - Manual Laborers, Fishermen and Farmers
There were different types of manual labor, apart from the builders, who had jobs on the farms of the nobles, in the cultivation of the soil or in the rearing of cattle. There were also boatmen, fishermen and fowlers. There were also jobs for weavers, metal workers, potters, carpenters, upholsterers, tailors, shoe-makers, glass-blowers, boat-builders, wig-makers, and embalmers.

Ancient Egyptian Jobs
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