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Ancient Egyptian Games

The Ancient Egyptian loved games and they loved to gamble. These two activities were combined in the numerous board games which were designed specifically for adults. The names of the most popular board games played by the Ancient Egyptians were as follows:

  • Senet - reflecting the journey to the afterlife. Played with colored sticks and counters
  • Dogs and Jackals (aka Hounds and Jackals) - Played with Dog and jackal heads on a stick. This game was featured in the 1950'S movie The Ten Commandments
  • Mehen aka the Game of the Snake - played with several people with marbles and animal pieces. Featured a spiral game board in the form of a snake
  • Pwer - similar to checkers

The rules explaining how to play these games have not survived, they can only be guessed.

Ancient Egyptian Games
The Ancient Egyptians loved to play games, just a we do today. There were indoor games specifically for adults and toys and games specifically for children. There are many similarities we the games played in Ancient Egypt and modern games.

For details of outdoor games and sports please click the following link:

Ancient Egyptian Sports

Ancient Egyptian Indoor Games and Toys for Children
Ancient Egyptian children had a variety of toys and games to play with. Some of the above adult board games were played by children. Toys reflected people, objects and events which were common in everyday life. Girls played with toys reflecting the woman's role in Ancient Egypt and boys played with toys reflecting a man's role. Baby toys included distracting toys such as rattles. The most popular games and toys played by the Ancient Egyptians are detailed below.

Ancient Egyptian Games and Toys for Girls
Ancient Egyptians girls were known to play games which involved dancing as this type of activity has been depicted on drawings. Ball games, which were made of papyrus, involving standing, running and jumping were also popular. Dolls were favorite toys for girls and made of wood, clay, papyrus or linen. Children have always been fascinated by animals and a variety of these animal toys were made as mechanical devices or with draw strings and had moving parts. The girls also enjoyed dressing in adult clothes and applying make-up.

Ancient Egyptian Boys Games and Toys
The boys also played ball games and with animal toys. They also enjoyed more boisterous games and piggy back and leapfrog. Toy swords and spears were used emulating male adults. Marbles, darts and bowls were also used in favorite games for boys. The Nile played such a great part in everyday life that activities surrounding the river were also popular especially toy boats.

Ancient Egyptian Games
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