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Third Intermediate Period

The significant Events, Achievements and People of the Third Intermediate Period are as follows:

  • 21st (Tanite) Dynasty - After the death of Ramses XI, Smendes (10691043) claimed the kingship and ruled from Tanis
  • The hereditary high priests of Amun-Ra governed Upper Egypt
  • 22nd (Bubastite) Dynasty. The Libyan, Sheshonq I (945924), ruled and appointed one of his sons as the high priest of Amun-Ra and reunified Egypt. The 22nd dynasty ruled from both Tanis and Bubastis in the eastern Delta.
  • The Nubians conquer the South of Egypt under the command of Piankhy and restore traditional values and religion
  • Nehesey (or Nehesi) was Pharaoh and his name means 'Nubian'
  • The Pharaoh Siamun (978958) was believed to have arranged the marriage of his daughter to King Solomon (1 Kings 11:1) of the Kingdom of Israel which had created a powerful state in Palestine
  • Egypt are plagued by attacks from the Assyrians
  • The Nubian rulers of the Twenty-Fifth Dynasty were finally expelled from Egypt

  • Egypt fell into in the hands of independent princes

Third Intermediate Period - Dates and Time Period
The time period covering the Third Intermediate Period is 1070 BC - 525 BC.

Third Intermediate Period - The Dynasties
The names of the dynasties spanning Third Intermediate Period were:

  • 21st - 25th - Egyptian Dynasties

The names of the Pharaohs who ruled during these dynasties of Third Intermediate Period are detailed below.

Third Intermediate Period
The period of Ancient Egypt history, which includes the period of Third Intermediate Period, stretches over 3000 years and encompasses hundreds of Pharaohs. Because of this massive time span and timeline Egyptologists have divided the different historical times into Periods, Kingdoms and Dynasties:

  • Definition of Kingdoms - Politically organized communities with a monarchical form of government headed by a King, Queen or Pharaoh
  • Definition of Dynasties - Egyptian dynasties were  families which retained political power across generations
  • Definition of Periods - A distinct evolutionary or developmental phase in Egypt, such as the period of Third Intermediate Period
  • Definition of Intermediate Periods - The time between the end of an old period or Kingdom to the start of a new period or Kingdom, allowing for possible anomalies in dates

Third Intermediate Period - The Pharaohs
The names give to the Pharaohs of Third Intermediate Period are as follows:

List of the names of the Pharaohs of the 21st - Twenty-first Egyptian Dynasty
  • Smendes 1069 BC - 1043 BC
  • Amenemnisu 1043 BC - 1039 BC
  • Psusennes I 1039 BC - 990 BC
  • Amenemope 992 BC - 983 BC
  • Osorkon the Elder 983 BC - 977 BC
  • Siamun 977 BC - 958 BC
  • Psusennes II 958 BC - 943 BC

Pharaohs of the 22nd - Twenty-second Egyptian Dynasty

  • Shoshenq I 943 922 BC
  • Osorkon I 922 887 BC
  • Takelot I 887 874 BC
  • Shoshenq II 874 872 BC
  • Osorkon II 872 837 BC
  • Shoshenq III 837 798 BC
  • Shoshenq IV798 785 BC
  • Shoshenq V 778 740 BC
  • Osorkon IV 740 720 BC

Pharaohs of the 23rd - Twenty-third Egyptian Dynasty

  • Takelot II 840 BC 815 BC
  • Pedubast I 829 BC 804 BC
  • Shoshenq VI 804 BC 798 BC
  • Osorkon III
  • Takelot III
  • Rudamun

Pharaohs of the 24th - Twenty-fourth Egyptian Dynasty

  • Tefnakhte I
    Bakenranef (Bocchoris) 725 - 720 BC

Pharaohs of the 25th - Twenty-fifth Egyptian Dynasty

  • Kashta
  • Piye c. 752 BC 721 BC
  • Shabaka 721 BC 707 BC
  • Shebitku 707 BC 690 BC
  • Taharqa 690 664 BC
  • Tantamani 664 656 BC

Timelines and Third Intermediate Period
Our Egyptian Timelines provide a time driven list Ancient Egyptian pharaohs, periods, kingdoms and dynasties provide the generally accepted dates of each of these times - a chronology or list of dates of all the periods, kingdoms and dynasties of Egypt. So if you are interested in Third Intermediate Period then the important people and events, via a simple timeline, charting the key dates in Ancient Egyptian history will prove to be interesting.

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