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Ptolemaic Dynasty

The significant Events, Achievements and People of Ptolemaic Dynasty are as follows:

  • In 332BC Alexander the Great conquers Egypt
  • Alexander the Great occupies Egypt and his general, Ptolemy, becomes king and founds a dynasty
  • The city of Alexandria was founded and became famous for the Great Library and the great Lighthouse of Alexandria which was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
  • 51-30 BC - Cleopatra VII reigns and became the mistress of Julius Caesar and gave birth to his son, Octavian
  • 37 BC Queen Cleopatra marries Mark Antony
  • 31 BC Octavian defeated Antony and Cleopatra in the sea Battle of Actium
  • 30 BC Egypt becomes a province of the Roman Empire from 30BC - 641 AD

Ptolemaic Dynasty - Dates and Time Period
The time period covering the Ptolemaic Dynasty is 332 BC - 30BC and was established by Alexander the Great and ended with the death of Queen Cleopatra.

Ptolemaic Dynasty - The Dynasties
The names of the dynasties spanning Ptolemaic Dynasty were:

  • 1st - First Egyptian Dynasty
  • 2nd - Second Egyptian Dynasty

The names of the Pharaohs who ruled during these dynasties of Ptolemaic Dynasty are detailed below.

Ptolemaic Dynasty
The period of Ancient Egypt history, which includes the period of Ptolemaic Dynasty, stretches over 3000 years and encompasses hundreds of Pharaohs. Because of this massive time span and timeline Egyptologists have divided the different historical times into Periods, Kingdoms and Dynasties:

  • Definition of Kingdoms - Politically organized communities with a monarchical form of government headed by a King, Queen or Pharaoh
  • Definition of Dynasties - Egyptian dynasties were  families which retained political power across generations
  • Definition of Periods - A distinct evolutionary or developmental phase in Egypt, such as the period of Ptolemaic Dynasty
  • Definition of Intermediate Periods - The time between the end of an old period or Kingdom to the start of a new period or Kingdom, allowing for possible anomalies in dates

Ptolemaic Dynasty - The Pharaohs
List of names of the Pharaohs of Ptolemaic Dynasty established by Alexander the Great:

  • Ptolemy I Soter (305 BC-282 BC)
  • Ptolemy II Philadelphus (284 BC-246 BC)
  • Ptolemy III Euergetes (246 BC-222 BC)
  • Ptolemy IV Philopator (222 BC-204 BC)
  • Ptolemy V Epiphanes (204 BC-180 BC)
  • Ptolemy VI Philometor (180 BC-164 BC, 163 BC-145 BC)
  • Ptolemy VIII Euergetes II (170 BC-163 BC, 145 BC-116 BC)
  • Cleopatra II Philometora Soteira (131 BC-127 BC)
  • Cleopatra III Philometor Soteira Dikaiosyne Nikephoros (Kokke) (116 BC-101 BC) ruled jointly with Ptolemy IX (116 BC-107 BC) and Ptolemy X (107 BC-101 BC)
  • Ptolemy IX Soter II (Lathyros) (116 BC-107 BC, 88 BC-81 BC as Soter II) ruled jointly with Cleopatra III in his first reign
  • Ptolemy X Alexander I (107 BC-88 BC) ruled jointly with Cleopatra III till 101 BC
  • Berenice III Philopator (81 BC-80 BC)
  • Ptolemy XI Alexander II (80 BC)
  • Ptolemy XII Neos Dionysos (Auletes) (80 BC-58 BC, 55 BC-51 BC)
  • Cleopatra V Tryphaena (58 BC-57 BC) ruled jointly with Berenice IV
  • Epiphaneia (58 BC-55 BC)
  • Cleopatra VII Thea Neotera (51 BC-30 BC) ruled jointly with Ptolemy XIII (51 BC-47 BC)
  • Ptolemy XIV (47 BC-44 BC) and Ptolemy XV Caesarean (44 BC-30 BC).

Timelines and Ptolemaic Dynasty
Our Egyptian Timelines provide a time driven list Ancient Egyptian pharaohs, periods, kingdoms and dynasties provide the generally accepted dates of each of these times - a chronology or list of dates of all the periods, kingdoms and dynasties of Egypt. So if you are interested in Ptolemaic Dynasty then the important people and events, via a simple timeline, charting the key dates in Ancient Egyptian history will prove to be interesting.

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