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Middle Kingdom

Significant Historical Events, Achievements and People
The significant Events, Achievements and People of Middle Kingdom are as follows:

  • Hyksos raiders from Asia, led by Amenemhat I, gained power and moved into the Delta and introduced the Egyptians to the chariot
  • The Pharaohs during the era of the Middle Kingdom were based at Thebes
  • Military campaigns were launched against Nubia
  • Amenemhet I (19911962) was a commoner who attributed his rise to the god Amun. Amenemhet (1991 BC 1962 BC)launched at least one campaign into Nubia
  • Senusret I (1971 BC 1926 BC) recaptured Nubia
  • Amenemhat II (1929 BC 1895 BC) waged war in the Levant
  • Senusret III (1878 BC 1839 BC) referred to as a warrior-king, also built a temple at Abydos
  • The construction of the rock-cut tombs  in the Valley of the Kings was started
  • The Seventeenth Dynasty from Thebes defeated the Hyksos and reunited Egypt

Middle Kingdom - Dates and Time Period
The time period covering the Middle Kingdom is 2040 BC - 1782 BC.

Middle Kingdom - The Dynasties
The names of the dynasties spanning the era were:

  • The 11th - 13th - Egyptian Dynasties

The names and known dates of the Pharaohs who ruled during these dynasties of the era of the Middle Kingdom are detailed below.

Middle Kingdom - The Pharaohs
The names give to the Pharaohs of Middle Kingdom are as follows:

List of the names of the Pharaohs of the 11th - Eleventh Egyptian Dynasty
  • Mentuhotep I 2134 BC ?
  • Sehertawy Intef I ? 2118 BC
  • Wahankh Intef II 2118 BC 2069 BC
  • Nakhtnebtepnefer Intef III 2069 BC 2061 BC
  • Nebhetepra Mentuhotep II 2061 BC 2010 BC
  • Sankhkara Mentuhotep III 2010 BC 1998 BC
  • Nebtawyra Mentuhotep IV 1998 BC 1991 BC

Pharaohs of the 12th - Twelfth Egyptian Dynasty

  • Amenemhat I 1991 BC 1962 BC
  • Senusret I (Sesostris I) 1971 BC 1926 BC
  • Amenemhat II 1929 BC 1895 BC
  • Senusret II (Sesostris II) 1897 BC 1878 BC
  • Senusret III (Sesostris III) 1878 BC 1839 BC
  • Amenemhat III 1860 BC 1814 BC
  • Amenemhat IV 1815 BC 1806 BC
  • Queen Sobekneferu 1806 BC 1802 BC

Pharaohs of the 13th - Thirteenth Egyptian Dynasty

  • Wegaf Khutawyre 1782-1778
  • Ameny Intef IV (Amenemhet V) c. 1760
  • Hor Auyibre c. 1760
  • Sobekhotep II (Amenmehet VI)  c. 1750
  • Khendjer Userkare c. 1747
  • Sobekhotep III Sekhemre Sewadjtawy c. 1745
  • Neferhotep I Khasekhemre 1741-1730
  • Sobekhotep IV Khaneferre 1730-1720
  • Ay Merneferre c. 1720
  • Neferhotep II Sekhemre Sankhtawy Dates unknown

Middle Kingdom
The period of Ancient Egypt history, which includes the period of Middle Kingdom, stretches over 3000 years and encompasses hundreds of Pharaohs. Because of this massive time span and timeline Egyptologists have divided the different historical times into Periods, Kingdoms and Dynasties:

  • Definition of Kingdoms - Politically organized communities with a monarchical form of government headed by a King, Queen or Pharaoh
  • Definition of Dynasties - Egyptian dynasties were  families which retained political power across generations
  • Definition of Periods - A distinct evolutionary or developmental phase in Egypt, such as the period of Middle Kingdom
  • Definition of Intermediate Periods - The time between the end of an old period or Kingdom to the start of a new period or Kingdom, allowing for possible anomalies in dates

Timelines and Middle Kingdom
Our Egyptian Timelines provide a time driven list Ancient Egyptian pharaohs, periods, kingdoms and dynasties provide the generally accepted dates of each of these times - a chronology or list of dates of all the periods, kingdoms and dynasties of Egypt. So if you are interested in Middle Kingdom then the important people and events, via a simple timeline, charting the key dates in Ancient Egyptian history will prove to be interesting.

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