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Egyptian Late Period

Significant Historical Events, Achievements and People of Egyptian Late Period
The significant Events, Achievements and People of Egyptian Late Period are as follows:

  • 26th Dynasty was established by the Assyrians under Psammetichus I (Wahibre) 664 BC - 610 BC
  • Necho II (610595) fought in Syria for the Assyrians against the Babylonians. The Assyrian Empire collapsed
  • Judah became an Egyptian vassal
  • But most of Egypt was in the hands of independent princes when the Persians conquer Egypt in 525BC lead by the Persian king Cambyses II 525 - 522 at the Battle of Pelusium
  • Egypt is ruled by the Persians by the 27th dynasty with the Pharaohs Darius Setutre, Xerxes, Artaxerxes I , Darius II and Artaxerxes II 405 - 359 BC
  • Pharaoh Nepherites formed an alliance with the Spartans
  • 30th (Sebennytic) Dynasty. Nectanebo I fought off a Persian invasion
  • Teos attempted an invasion of Phoenicia and Syria but was defeated and replaced by Teos
  • Nectanebo II was the last native Pharaoh of Egypt and the Persians again took control with Artaxerxes III 343 - 338 B.C. who established the 31st dynasty which ended when the country was surrendered to Alexander the Great who set up the Ptolemaic dynasty in the Greco-Roman Period of Egyptian history

Egyptian Late Period - Dates and Time Period
The time period covering the Egyptian Late Period is 672 BC - 332 BC.

Egyptian Late Period - The Dynasties
The names of the dynasties spanning Egyptian Late Period were:

  • The 26th - 31st Dynasties

The names of the Pharaohs who ruled during these dynasties of Egyptian Late Period are detailed below.

Egyptian Late Period
The period of Ancient Egypt history, which includes the period of Egyptian Late Period, stretches over 3000 years and encompasses hundreds of Pharaohs. Because of this massive time span and timeline Egyptologists have divided the different historical times into Periods, Kingdoms and Dynasties:

  • Definition of Kingdoms - Politically organized communities with a monarchical form of government headed by a King, Queen or Pharaoh
  • Definition of Dynasties - Egyptian dynasties were  families which retained political power across generations
  • Definition of Periods - A distinct evolutionary or developmental phase in Egypt, such as the period of Egyptian Late Period
  • Definition of Intermediate Periods - The time between the end of an old period or Kingdom to the start of a new period or Kingdom, allowing for possible anomalies in dates

Egyptian Late Period - The Pharaohs
The names give to the Pharaohs of Egyptian Late Period are as follows:

List of the names of the Pharaohs of the 26th - Twenty-sixth Egyptian Dynasty
  • Necho I 672 BC - 664 BC
  • Psammetichus I (Wahibre) 664 BC - 610 BC
  • Necho II (Wehemibre) 610 BC - 595 BC
  • Psammetichus II (Neferibre) 595 BC - 589 BC
  • Apries (Haaibre) 589 BC - 570 BC
  • Amasis II (Khnemibre) 570 BC - 526 BC
  • Psammetichus III (Ankhkaenre) 526 BC - 525 BC

Pharaohs of the 27th - Twenty-seventh Egyptian Dynasty (First Persian Period)

  • Cambyses II 525 - 522 BC
  • Darius Setutre 521 - 486 BC
  • Xerxes 485 - 465 BC
  • Artaxerxes I 465 - 424 BC
  • Darius II 423 - 405 BC
  • Artaxerxes II 405 - 359 BC

Pharaohs of the 28th - Twenty-eighth Egyptian Dynasty

  • Amyrtaeus 404 - 399 B.C.

Pharaohs of the 29th - Twenty-ninth Egyptian Dynasty

  • Nepherites I 398 - 393 BC
  • Psammuthes 393 BC
  • Hakor (Achoris) 393 - 380 BC
  • Nepherites II 380 BC

Pharaohs of the 30th - Thirtieth Egyptian Dynasty

  • Nectanebo I 380 - 362 BC
  • Teos 362 - 360 BC
  • Nectanebo II 360 - 343 BC

Pharaohs of the 31st - Thirty-first Egyptian Dynasty

  • Artaxerxes III 343 - 338 B.C.
  • Arses 338 - 336 BC
  • Darius III 336 - 332 B.C.

Timelines and Egyptian Late Period
Our Egyptian Timelines provide a time driven list Ancient Egyptian pharaohs, periods, kingdoms and dynasties provide the generally accepted dates of each of these times - a chronology or list of dates of all the periods, kingdoms and dynasties of Egypt. So if you are interested in Egyptian Late Period then the important people and events, via a simple timeline, charting the key dates in Ancient Egyptian history will prove to be interesting.

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